NDLS CONSEIL is an M&A firm specialized in helping growing and innovative companies succeed at every step: fundraising, disposal of a business or securities reclassification.

Our specialty: investment
Family to Family

Until then limited to relatively traditional investment options (Private Equity, stock market, conventional investment funds in stocks and bonds, …), Family Businesses express more and more their desire to take control of their investment strategy. investing and realizing direct operations to the capital of innovative and growth companies, companies that make sense and respond to societal challenges (environment and sustainable development, personalized health, energy efficiency, education…).

We allow these families to invest in companies that match their aspirations, in pari-passu with other families, and in the wake of a lead investor, whether it is a family with its own management company and expertise in the relevant field, or an investment fund whose organization and investment criteria correspond to those acclaimed by the Families.

Equity Financing

The originality of our approach lies in the fact that we aim for a short-term targeting, in the sense that we do not short-list more than fifteen target investors selected from private individuals and Family Offices of our investors network.

Beyond this upstream selection stage, our methodology has two other specificities:

– a thorough and written documentation of ALL steps of the discovery of a file by an investor,
– a transparent procedure from A to Z in the sense that the investor has a direct relationship with our Client and can access all the useful data that will allow him to qualify his intention.

Strategic Guidance

As part of our framework to guide leaders in their financing operations, our firm trains them to prepare for these operations, advises them in the strategic reflection, in the establishment of their priorities, in their approach of building a team around common goals, in organizing their agenda.

In particular, we carry out managerial audits and courses of behavioral excellence.

Our courses are for leaders alone who need to sedate “sit down to think” with experienced counsel. They can also turn to management teams that seek to create – or recreate – unity around their development goals.

Given the significant increase in burnout situations among leaders and management teams, we chose to offer three-day mid-mountain sessions alternating interactive workshops and guided mountain hikes.

More details
Our workshops are carried out in partnership with mountain professionals and qualified practitioners, with the aim that the participants will find the best possible outcome to the delicate question of balancing professional performance and personal well-being. > Download the documentation.

Investors Network

We regularly gather the investors with whom we work regularly around a lunch as part of an informal Club: our lunches have placed seatings and aim to promote the Meetings and Exchanges between our hosts. They take place around a theme addressed by an expert.

We also organize corporate meetings around a business project in which the entrepreneur and his management team present our investors with the main features of their business plan and answer questions.


François Cazalas

François Cazalas

Essec, Esigec

After fifteen years experience as an auditor with Arthur Andersen and then as an operational manager in a family group in Monaco, François Cazalas created and managed the company CLARANOR, an innovative company specialized in food and sanitary safety, before founding NDLS CONSEIL
Benoît Pellerin

Benoît Pellerin

Mines Paris Tech

Rich and varied career in the Group DANONE (12 years) then CEO and shareholder of a leading international group of Calvados, (more than 50% of market share, 75% of sales in 80 countries). After the recent sale of the Group, Benoit became Business Angel and accompanies companies as part of a Norman regional fund. He is now in charge of business development.
Jean-Paul Brogi

Jean-Paul Brogi

Business School

After ten years of experience in SMEs in financial management positions, Jean-Paul Brogi joined public organizations (Commerce Chamber and Region Business Development Service) where he was in charge of support for the creation and development of innovative and growth companies. He is now in charge of the NDLS back office.
Anaïk Maurel

Anaïk Maurel

EM Lyon

Anaïk started his career as analyst in banking field, before a first M&A experience in Paris. He joined NDLS Conseil in April 2020 as Associate.

Yacine Benahra

Yacine Benahra

ESCP Europe

After various experiences in M&A at BNP Paribas and Citi, Yacine has worked at Deloitte as consultant focused on investment funds. Then, he worked at Fipar Holding in Morocco. He joined NDLS Conseil in September 2022 as Senior Associate.

Isabelle Bertholet

Isabelle Bertholet

Secretary at an Approved Management Center for 15 years, then in a GAEC (farm with marketing of organic products), joined NDLS Conseil in 2011 where she holds the position of Accounting Secretary.



Fundraising: cumulated EUR 20 Million

Solicited families of industrialists, especially from the pharmaceutical industry.

HEMARINA – Biotech

Fundraising and securities reclassification: EUR 9 Million

Solicited families of industrialists, especially from the pharmaceutical industry.

CARATELLI – French major industrial player in artificial snow cover.

Company size: EUR 25 Million of turnover, 90 FTEs

Sale of the company: EUR 12 Million 

Solicited family owned businesses.

CARDIAWAVE – Noninvasive Ultrasonic Treatment of RAC (Calcified Aortic Narrowing)

Fundraising: EUR 5 Million

Consultation of family owned businesses in medical field.

ADDMEDICA – Development of medical products for rare diseases. Transfer to an industrial pharmacy

Sale of the company: EUR 15 Million

KEAKR – Urban music network where artists and fans participate and sell their musics.

Fundraising: EUR 7 Million

HOLBERTON SCHOOL – New generation of IT engineering school.

Fundraising: More than USD 20 Million

WITHINGSDevelopment of smart health solutions that help manage or prevent chronic conditions.

Fundraising: EUR 53 Million

IDKIDS – French Group which owns and operates a network of stores that sell children’s products worldwide.

Strategic acquisition of distressed assets of KIDILIZ Group.


NDLS CONSEIL runs the “Crossing the Equity Gap” Club which organizes four lunches every year at the Drouant in Paris, led by a speaker,

The Club is a place for meetings and exchanges between its members who are all entrepreneurs who became investors, or families of industrialists,

Our lunches are placed and limited to 40 people. Each of our guests is introduced by us, the speaker presents the subject of his intervention in 20 minutes and we ask him three questions during dessert,

We favor the time of exchange and meetings between the guests throughout the meal, exchanges they usually pursue in small groups after lunch.

Since mid-2018, the Club has been decentralized and lunches have been organized in Nantes, Lille and Lyon.

Our last speakers

Marie Ekeland

Marie Ekeland

Figure of the French Tech, venture capital specialist, co-founder of the association France Digitale and Daphni, investment fund specializing in the digital economy.

Edouard Tetreau

Edouard Tetreau

Specialist in the anticipation of crises, especially financial, adviser of economic and political leaders, professor affiliated with HEC and columnist in Les Echos magazine.

Agnès Verdier-Molinié

Agnès Verdier-Molinié

Director General of iFRAP, Foundation for Research on Administrations and Public Policies, and one of the most consulted oracles by successive French governments.

Eric Careel

Eric Careel

Founder of INVENTEL (at the origin of the LiveBox), WITHINGS, INVOXIA and SCULPTEO, Vice President of France Digitale and responsible for the future of connected objects.